About Us

Nearly 20 years ago, we were asked to visit an individual who was housebound, they were struggling to read the daily paper and watch TV, which was having a huge impact on their quality of life. Their confidence was being eroded, both in their ability to live independently and also their desire to socialise.

Updating their glasses significantly improved their quality of vision allowing them to watch TV and read in comfort. Their self-worth and confidence increased dramatically completely changing their outlook on life.

This inspired us to specialise in offering a flexible and responsive home visiting Optical service. Our local Opticians, working throughout the UK, continue to help over 160,000 people with functional and on-going appropriate solutions, not only with glasses, but also ensuring that our clients are fully aware of opportunities that local eye clinic referral pathways and sight loss organisations can offer them.

We are passionate about community eye care and are proud of the reputation that our organisation has established, promoting a proactive holistic approach, which ensures the best possible outcome for each person we visit.

Michelle Peel

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Paul Chapman-Hatchett

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Information – we keep records of our information about you as computer records. Everyone in the practice is aware of the confidential nature of these records and will only use or release this information in accordance with the law. You will need to provide us with your consent if you wish us to pass your information to another optometrist. If you are an NHS patient, the NHS may ask to see the portion of your record that relates to NHS services provided. Such information will only be given to the NHS in strictest confidence. You are entitled to a copy of your records, although there may be an administrative charge. If you wish to see your records, please ask Michelle Peel and we will respond as quickly as possible and in any case are required to do so within 40 days. If you require independent advice, contact the Information Commissioners Office at www.ico.gov.uk

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